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Post-Goodwood Engine Testing
During the last session of Testing at Goodwood on the 10th April, I experienced a hesitation in the engine picking up on full throttle coming out of Lavant Corner, as I went down the Lavant Straight after the ‘Kink’. There was real misfire, but at about 6000 RPM, it was as if the XK was suffering for fuel starvation with a corresponding amount of engine hesitation.

This can be put down to a number of things, not least of which was low fuel in the tank, lack of fuel pressure, due to blockage etc. etc. However, there were 10 litres of petrol in the tank.

I felt that it was fuel rather than electrics, as this would normally cause a misfire of some description. But this did not happen. However, we ran out of time to top up the tank and have a last run before ‘Pub Opening’?

For peace of mind I arranged a visit to Peter Lander at Sigma Engineering in Gillingham, Dorset. Peter built my race engine and he has a ‘Rolling Road’ Dynamometer at his establishment. If anyone can find a problem with a Jaguar engine it is certainly Peter.

Following a break in the flooding in Dorset, I set off to Gillingham and within a few minutes after arrival, Peter had the car on the ‘Rollers’ and proceeded to run the car up to around 6500 RPM while watching the numerous gauges on his new , much more electronic equipment.

Peter had also noticed that on starting the car there was some hesitation and ‘Banging’ from the exhaust. On assessment he found that the SU Idler Jets needed some serious adjustment, some 1 ½ to 2 turns in fact.
This wouldn’t seriously affect the ‘Top End’ performance, but it would lead to a certain amount of ‘Lean Running’ at the low-end, possible mid-range power and, of course, starting the car from cold, even with a full choke.

With these adjustments made, I felt more confident that the car was now ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ for the next event. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Peter bad me farewell and advised me to put a little more V-Power in the tank for its next outing HA HA!!
On the 24th May I will once again return to Goodwood to attend the Octane Track Day, as I mentioned in my last missive in early April.

This will be the last shot I have to get the engine right before Brands. Oh the joys of motor racing! Wish me luck!
The next Race date:

Grand Prix Circuit on the 26th May!!!

All the best!


John Davies Roberts
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