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MWS supplies a wide range of historic and modern tyres. As well as the distribution of Blockley tyres and tubes, MWS stocks and can supply tyres from such brands as Avon, Dunlop, Michelin and Vredestein. These are all available to be supplied, fitted and balanced.
Wired-on tyres were developed as early as the beaded-edge tyre, but did not gain popularity until 1924. Since then it has been the most successful method of attachment. Wired-on tyres have inextensible wire beads which hold the tyre in place. Both cross-ply and radial are wired-on tyres.

MWS can supply many types and sizes of tyre for different application. The MWS Fitment Guide inculdes information and recommendations of suitable types, original equipment tyres. Please bear in mind that production of some tyres can be very inconsistent so please contact us to find out about availability.
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