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About Motor Wheel Service

Motor Wheel Service is renowned worldwide for the the manufacture and restoration of vintage, veteran and classic wire wheels

1927 : Motor Wheel Service and Repair Company founded on Becklow Road, Shepherds Bush, London
1947 : George Smith took ownership of the company
1969 : MWS move to Jeddo Road, Shepherds Bush, London
1974 : MWS commissioned as an official UK distributor for wire, light commercial, car, caravan steel and alloy wheels by Dunlop Ltd
1978 : MWS appointed as exclusive UK distributor for wire wheels by Dunlop Ltd
1979 : MWS bring in specialist machinery to supply Morgan Motor Company
1980 : MWS appointed worldwide distribution rights for all Dunlop wire wheels
1982 : First batch of wheels are produced by Wheels India Ltd
1984 : Colin Smith takes ownership of MWS
1986 : The commercial wheels division is transferred to Manchester under the name MWS Distribution Ltd
1988 : Introduction of chrome-plated stainless steel spokes and nipples
1988 : MWS move distribution operation to new Headquarters in Langley, Slough, Berkshire
1998 : The service and repair department moves to Langley
2002 : Highly polished full stainless steel wire wheels introduced
2003 : MWS appointed as a Blockley approved dealer
2003 : MWS supplies the first set of wire wheels for the SS100 Replica
2010 : Blockley launch new range of Radial tyres
2011 : Refurbishment of new tyre bay completed
2012 : Blockley introduce a new range of Superior tubes
2012 : MWS celebrates its 85th Anniversary


Motor Wheel Service International Limited was originally founded as Motor Wheel Service and Repair Co. in 1927 on Becklow Road, London. In 1947, after working there for a number of years, George Smith took ownership and spurred the growth of the company until it had expanded enough to move to new premises on Jeddo Road in 1969.
"George The Wheel"

Colin Smith
In 1974 MWS was appointed as an official UK distributor for wire, light commercial, car, caravan steel and alloy wheels by Dunlop Ltd. George Smith was becoming affectionately known as "George the Wheel" due to his knowledge and experience within the industry. George’s reputation led to MWS being awarded exclusive UK distribution rights by Dunlop Ltd for all wire wheels in 1978. During these years George was making sure his son, Colin, was being taught all he needed to know to carry the family business forward.
"George the Wheel" (right) with a representative from Morgan Motor Company (left) in the early 1980s
1979 saw the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Morgan Motor Company to produce OEM wire wheels for their factory in Malvern.
In 1980 Dunlop Ltd, who had been in partnership with Wheels India Ltd since the 1960s, decided it was time to relocate wire wheel production from the Midlands to Madras, India (now Chennai). MWS was awarded exclusive worldwide distribution rights for all Dunlop wire wheels and George joined Dunlop engineers in India, spending several months overseeing the new production line. In 1982 he saw the first batch of Jaguar wire wheels produced and shipped to the United Kingdom. By this time George’s son, Colin, was taking over ownership of MWS.
In 1988, MWS headquarters moved to larger premises in Langley, Slough. The service and repair division remained in Shepherds Bush until 1998 when they moved into workshop facilities within the Langley site.
1993 - first set of SS100 Replica wheels produced in the Workshop for Suffolk Sportscar Engineering. Due to the success of the project these wheels went into production in the factory a few years later.
MWS has worked closely with Wheels India Ltd for more than 30 years to ensure the ongoing quality and technological improvement of its products. In 1993 a new range of fully stainless steel wire wheels was introduced. The range is regularly updated and now covers most Jaguars, Aston Martins and Morgans.
The in-house Workshop has established an excellent reputation for the manufacture and restoration of steel or alloy wire wheels.

MWS also has the facilities to restore most types of classic steel wheels, including rostyles and MG V8. Please visit our Restoration Diaries section for more details and photographs.
MWS have been working with The Blockley Tyre Company since 2003. Blockley’s initial programme was to produce quality tyres for pre-war (and early post-war) cars to use on both the road and track. Recently Blockley have launched a new range of radial tyres and tubes to suit both lines of tyres.
In 2011 MWS opened their newly refurbished tyre bay to offer an improved tyre fitting and balancing service.
MWS has been run by the same family since 1947 and over the years there is one thing that has not changed: the commitment to provide the best quality and service possible.
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