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 About MWS
 Hubs & Spinners

 About MWS
Will you take my old wheels in part exchange?
No, we do not deal in second-hand wheels. We suggest a small ad in an owners' club magazine.

What are your opening hours?
MWS is open 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Fridays. We are closed weekends and bank holidays.

Are you Motor Wheel Service and Repair Co I knew in Shepherds Bush?
Yes, click here to read more about us.

How can I pay for an order?
Click here for our methods of payment.
What if I want to return parts?
Click here for our Terms and Conditions.
Why is my stainless steel wheel magnetic?
We use SS304 Austenitic Grade Stainless Steel for our rims and this material acquires a little magnetic effect on cold working. Our rim manufacturing process involves rolling which is considered as a severe cold working process and hence, magnetic properties will be exhibited by the finished product. We could remove the magnetic properties by heat treatment but the mechanical properties induced by cold working will be lost so therefore we supply in the cold worked condition for better fatigue performance.
How do I tell if I have a 42mm or 52mm wheel?
42mm and 52mm refers to the maximum size of outer bearing, in millimetres, which can be used with that hub. Click here for more information or look your car up on our Fitment Guide.
What is the chroming process?
Click here to read more about the chroming process.

What is back spacing?
Click here for an explanation of back spacing and how to measure it

Can I buy spare spokes?
Yes, we sell spare spokes as a minimum of ten (can be a mixture of sizes) and we request a sample or samples. We can work from a broken spoke as long as we have all the pieces. Click here to read more about spokes.

What is the colour code for your stock wheels?
Our silver-painted stock wheels are RAL9006. Our black-painted stock wheels are RAL9005. We can repaint new stock wheels or your current wire wheels in the colour of your choice, please contact us for more information.

How is rim width measured?
Rim width is measured inside the rim where the tyre bead sits, click here for more details.

Do you repair alloy wheels?
We can repair alloy wire wheels but no, we do not repair alloy wheels for modern vehicles.

 Hubs & Spinners

How tight should I do up my spinners?
Hand tight plus a couple of taps with a hammer should give about 4 to 4½ turns but it varies from one vehicle to the next. Click here for more details.

What are spinners made from?
Most spinners are chromed brass composite but a few are chromed carbon steel.

What can cause noise from the wheels whilst driving?
There can be several causes:
  • loose/broken spokes
  • worn hubs
  • rear bump stops not removed (E-Types)
  • studs not shortened when using bolt-on hubs

Is it necessary to shorten my studs when fitting bolt-on hubs?
It depends on if the studs protrude far when you put the bolt-on hub on the car. Click here for a diagram to explain. If the studs do protrude but you do not shorten them the wheels will not sit properly on the hubs and will not be safe.


Do you sell tyres?
Yes. We can supply, fit and balance wire wheels with tyres, tubes and rim bands. Please contact us for details.

What is the speed rating of the Blockley tyres?
Crossply Range:
  • 113mph (S) speed rating for the 350 x 19 and 400 x 19 tyres
  • 130mph (H) speed rating for the rest of the range
The range of Blockley radial tyres all have a 149mph (V) speed rating.
Can you swap my tyres onto new wheels?
Yes, please contact us to make an appointment, we ask for about 24 hours notice. We will do our best to accomodate customers without an appointment but we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

My local garage/tyre place says my wheels are "square". What can I do?
This question only applies to centre-lock wire wheels since bolt-on wire wheels can be balanced the same way as standard road wheels. Balancing centre-lock wire wheels requires special adaptors.  If the people trying to balance your wheels do not have the special adaptors (and most will not) then they will get a false reading on their balancing machine. Click here for a diagram explaining how wire wheels should be balanced.

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