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Beaded-edge, Straight-sided & Bibendum Rims

MWS can build and restore wire wheels with beaded-edge, two-piece and Bibendum rims; a selection of these rims are held in stock. If you need a rim type not listed please contact us.
 Beaded-edge Rims

 Two-piece or Straight-sided Rims

 Bibendum Rims

 Beaded-edge Rims
These rims rely on reinforced beads to hold the tyre in place by seating under the hooked edges of the rim.  The measurement relating to the tyre size is the width across the inside of the rim, this is measured in mm in Europe and inches in America.
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Part Number Description
Beaded-edge Rims
WSRR710X90 710 x 90 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR760X90 760 x 90 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR815X105 815 x 105 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR820X120 820 x 120 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR875X105 875 x 105 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR895X135 895 x 135 Cold-rolled Rim
WSRR935X135 935 x 135 Cold-rolled Rim

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 Two-piece or Straight-sided Rims
This early rim type uses a locking ring which acts as the second rim edge to hold the tyre in place.  This design means that a rim well is not necessary to accomodate fitting of tyres. Again, the rim width measurement is taken inside the rim.
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Part Number Description
Two-piece or Straight-sided Rims
WSRR4X20-2PIECE 4" x 20" Rim with Locking Ring
WSRR4X21-2PIECE 4" x 21" Rim with Locking Ring
WSRR3023-2PIECE 3" x 23" Rim with Locking Ring

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 Bibendum Rims
This rim type was developed in France by Michelin and is a precursor to the well-based rim.  They have a well running half the circumference of the rim which allows the application of a tyre.

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