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Classic splined centres

All MWS splined centres are forged using modern techniques to produce a very strong and durable product. When a component is forged the metal is compacted resulting in improved strength characteristics when compared to cast, pressed or machined parts.

Centre sizes are defined by the maximum size of the outer bearing (in mm) which can be used with the hub and do not relate directly to a measurement on the centre itself. Please see the table at the bottom of this page for more information.

Please note: Other classic centres are available - contact us for details
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Part Number Description
42mm British Classic Splined Centres
WSS457 XW457/459 Bare Metal Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS457C XW457/459 Chrome Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS457SS XW457/459 Polished Stainless Steel Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS458 XW458 Bare Metal Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS458C XW458 Chrome Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS480 XW480 Bare Metal Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS480C XW480 Chrome Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS515P XW515 Bare Metal Centre - Undrilled
WSS515-56SPOKE XW5786 Bare Metal Centre - 56 Spoke
WSS515 XW515 Bare Metal Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS515C XW515 Chrome Centre - 60 Spoke

Part Number Description
52mm British Classic Splined Centres
WSS455BM XW455 Bare Metal Centre - Undrilled
WSS455 XW455 Bare Metal Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS455C/2 XW455 Chrome Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS455SS-72SPK XW455 Polished Stainless Steel Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS456P XW456 Bare Metal Centre - Undrilled
WSS456 XW456 Bare Metal Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS456C XW456 Chrome Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS456-60-POLSS XW456 Polished Stainless Steel Centre - 60 Spoke
WSS472SS-UND XW472/493 Polished Stainless Steel Centre - Undrilled
WSS472 XW472/493 Bare Metal Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS472C XW472/493 Chrome Centre - 72 Spoke
WSS474SS XW474 Polished Stainless Steel Centre - 72 Spoke

The table below is an abbreviated version - the full table can be found here

Wheel Type
Note 1
Actual Hub Diameter
Note 2
42 62.5 mm
52 73 mm

Note 1:  The wheel type designation refers to the maximum size of outer bearing, in millimetres, which can be used with the hub.
Note 2:  Actual hub diameter is measured across the outside of the splines of the hub on the car, not the wheel centre. Dimensions are ±½mm.

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