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The beaded edge of these tyres grip under a clinch (the hooked edge of the rim) to hold in place. It is important that the clinch is in good condition as if it is damaged it is likely to cause premature failure. Any damaged sections of the clinch will feel sharper than the rest of the rim edge.

Fitting a beaded-edge tyre is best done with something to support the wheel, such as an old tyre underneath. Using a tyre fitting machine may damage the finish of the wheel. As with a two-piece rim the tube is inserted into the chalked tyre before it is fitted to the rim. A rim band or tape should not be necessary if the tyre is the right size for the rim, as the inside of the tyre's beaded edge should cover the spokes. The whole tyre is then worked over the front edge of the rim, lining up and inserting the valve into the valve hole. The bead at the back of the tyre is seated into the clinch.

Use a tyre lever to ease the front edge over the rim edge and into the clinch. Make sure the tyre lever rests on the rim edge as it could pinch and damage the tube. Another tyre lever can be used while the other is in place, as it will be easier to seat the next part of the bead. Work around the rim 5-6 inches at a time until the entire bead is seated.
MWS recommends that tyres are always fitted by professionals who have the required equipment and experience.
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