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Two-piece rims do not have a well but a locking ring that separates from the main part of the rim. This allows the tyre to slip straight on. There is a special jig that can be fitted to a tyre fitting machine in order to fit two-piece rims.
  • french chalk the inside of the tyre
  • roll the tyre around so the chalk is spread evenly over the inside of the tyre
  • insert the tube into the tyre
  • apply the rim flap
  • lubricate the rim thoroughly
  • insert the valve in the valve hole
  • push the tyre, tube and rim flap onto the rim - the outer bead of the tyre must sit inwards of the flange that holds the locking ring
  • fit the locking ring - make sure the split in the locking ring is on the opposite side of the rim to the valve hole
  • inflate the tyre - it is recommended that the tyre is inflated in a cage since if the locking ring is damaged or not fitted correctly then the high pressures can cause the locking ring to detach and result in serious injury
  • deflate and reinflate - this is to stop the tube creasing

MWS recommends that tyres are always fitted by professionals who have the required equipment and experience.
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